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By stylist and blogger, Annette K.


Little Red Dress_Page_1 This Valentine’s Day make a bold statement with the elegance of a little red dress.

Many women swear off red from their wardrobes saying, “I look horrible in red,” or “red’s not my color.”

But red can be worn by anyone. The key is finding the right red that works in harmony with your skin tone.

Does your skin have golden undertones? Then choose a red with golden undertones. Think tomatoes. Yes, tomatoes!

Tomato-red will work to accentuate golden skin tones and create a balance between you and the dress. A quick look at the tomatoes in your local grocery store will reveal the endless range of color depth available in the tomato-red family. All will work for those with golden undertones in their skin.

How about pink undertones? If you have pink/blue undertones in your skin, choose red with a more pink/blue color. Think strawberries!

Strawberries have a pink/blue hue and, like tomatoes, also come in an endless range of color depth. Choosing any shade of strawberry red will create harmony with your pink/blue undertones and help accentuate your natural features.

This Valentine’s Day give the little red dress its day to shine. And visit your local Goodwill store where you will find endless colors and shades of red (or pink ) to choose from. Once you find your true red dress, it won’t be the dress that shines….it will be you.

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Goodwill Runway Show
Join us for the fashion event of the year. See how you can be stylish without maxing out your credit cards. Models will walk the runway wearing the latest trends found at Goodwill. This is Goodwill’s largest fundraiser in Berks County!

Thursday, April 24, 2014 doors open 4:30, show begins 6:30

Body Zone
3013 Paper Mill Road
Wyomissing, PA 19610

Tickets $40.00 include happy hour, silent auction, runway show and Goodwill boutique

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