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Goodwill Donation Cycle

The Goodwill Donation Cycle

Goodwill is many things. We are a retailer. We are an industrial contracts operation. We are a recycler of household goods. But most importantly, we are a leader in training and workforce development services for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Through the sale of donated goods in our retail stores, we are able to fund programs that provide for people seeking personal development and economic opportunity.

Here’s how you help support the local economy through donating and shopping at Goodwill:


You donate items to Goodwill.

We accept everything from clothing and accessories to housewares, furniture and cars. Our conveniently located stores and attended donation centers are staffed with friendly Goodwill representatives who will issue a donation receipt, when requested, for tax purposes.

Your donation is processed for resale and sold by Goodwill.

Many individuals involved with this process are receiving training services from Goodwill. Goodwill Keystone Area has more than 40 retail stores throughout 22 counties in central and southeastern Pennsylvania.

Proceeds from the sale of your donation help to pay for services.

Goodwill programs assist individuals with disabilities and other disadvantages develop independence and employability.

Goodwill program participants secure meaningful employment.

The entire community wins: the individual, employers and the government. Goodwill helps our local communities prosper as individuals with disabilities and other barriers benefit from training to become contributing members of our local workforce.