We may be stepping into Spring, and I urge you to not just toss your winter boots and shoes to the back of the closet but to give them some TLC before they hibernate until cooler weather.

I recently bought these tall Ugg suede boots at a nearby Goodwill Keystone Area store, even though it’s the end of winter. I will still wear them without tights or with skinny jeans and a light shirt until it gets too warm. Even though they were probably made to look distressed, I thought they could use a good cleaning. I purchased a suede/nubuck cleaning kit, which looked like a double-ended eraser and a stiff brush. I’m sure many DIY options exist, but I wanted something simple and easy. After scrubbing the dirtier parts, I roughed the leather nap with the brush. I was happy with how they turned out and styled them with a bright floral dress.

Other items you can keep in your footwear care kit are:
• Anti-bacterial spray (for the interior of thrifted shoes)
• Leather cleaner and lotion
• Shoe polish (which comes in a variety of colors)
• Waterproof spray
• Rolled-up magazines or pool noodles (from the dollar store – cut to size) to fill your boot shafts

There are probably lots of DIY tips on Interest as well. These are just a few of the things I use. Give your boots and shoes a once over before you put them away for the season now and next fall. They will be in excellent condition when you get ready for fall!

From my closet to yours,


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