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Our Top Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Goodwill a charity?

    Yes. Goodwill Keystone Area is a nonprofit.

    Our Vision: We advance sustainability in our communities.

    Our Mission: We advance sustainability so that individuals and families can thrive and flourish.

    So how do we do this? We recycle donations into training... paychecks... careers... opportunities to thrive and flourish. By doing this, we will impact dozens of generations and help create a pathway to generational wealth.

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    Learn about our Vision, Mission & Values

  2. What are your store and donation center hours?
    Hours for our locations are listed on each store and donation center page.  

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  3. Are my donations of clothing and housewares to Goodwill tax deductible?
    Yes. Goodwill Keystone Area is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit so your donations are tax deductible. Our donation attendees can provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.

    Learn More About Tax Deductions

  4. Does Goodwill accept TVs?
    No. Unfortunately, do to limited resources and regulations regarding TV disposal, Goodwill cannot accept any form of TV donation; however, we do accept computers and related computer parts. 

    Learn About Goodwill Dell Reconnect Program 

    Please visit the following sites for resources on proper TV disposal:

  5. Does Goodwill accept furniture donations?
    While we do sell furniture at many of our locations, some of our donation centers do not accept furniture donations due to limited space. Each Goodwill Store & Donation Center page lists either "We Do Accept Furniture Donations" or "We Do Not Accept Furniture Donations."

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  6. Does Goodwill offer a Rewards card?
    Yes. Rewards card registration is quick and easy. Ask your sales associate to register your Rewards account when you are visiting Goodwill and save every day!

    Learn More About Our Goodwill Rewards Card Program
  7. Does Goodwill accept returns for purchased items?
    No. Please visit our Goodwill Keystone Area Shopping Policies page for full details on returns.

    Goodwill Keystone Area Shopping Policies Page 
  8. Are Goodwill employees allowed to shop in the stores?
    Like any retail store, Goodwill store employees are allowed to shop in the stores in accordance with our Employee Shopping Policies.
  9. Does the Owner of Goodwill Mark Curran make $2.3 million?
    Mark Curran is not the CEO and owner of Goodwill.

    Several variations of a hoax email called "Think Before You Donate" claim that Mark Curran is the CEO and owner of Goodwill earning $2.3 million a year. We want to set the record straight - Mark Curran has never owned Goodwill nor worked for Goodwill.Hoax Donation Email Example

  10. Do your employees earn minimum wage?
    Yes, every one of our 1,400+ employees earn a competitive wage. Additionally, we offer benefits and education assistance programs. Learn More About Employment Opportunities & View Open Positions