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Old Sweaters Make Warm Fuzzies

Make your own and enter our re-design contest

By stylist and blogger, Annette K.


It’s the cool, hip word for re-design or re-create. And with the recent blasts of snow leaving us homebound and stir crazy, re-designing old things into new things might be the perfect antidote for your next bout of boredom.

Visit your local Goodwill store and upcycle with sweaters. Create fingerless gloves, hats and mittens. The ribbing at the bottom of a sweater offers stretch-ability and durability, while the sweater’s cozy texture offers a warm and “artsy” swag.

Take a quick walk around the aisles at Goodwill and pick up a few sweaters to stash away for the next snow day.

But be careful — these projects are addictive. You may end up wishing for more snow.

Who would have thought?

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Do you like to re-design? Are you a fashion designer?
Enter the Goodwill re-design Contest!

Our Re-design Contest offers aspiring fashion designers, students, fashionistas and hobbyists the chance to show their creativity by repurposing items purchased at Goodwill. Finalists will have the opportunity to display their work at the annual Goodwill Runway Show on Thursday, April 24, at the Body Zone, just off Route 222 in Wyomissing. Doors open at 4:30 p.m.; the show begins at 6:30. The show is Goodwill’s largest fundraiser in Berks County.


Avant Guard
Create an innovative look that is experimental and pushes boundaries.

Men’s Shirt Remix
Repurpose a men’s shirt or shirts into a completely different ready-to-wear piece.

Construct an accessory (e.g. handbag, hat, jewelry or shoes) using a variety of items.


Click Here to see the 2013 Re-design winners featured in Berks County Living http://www.berkscountyliving.com/December-2013/The-Future-of-Fashion/

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