Tax Deduction Information

Did you know that “stuff” donations to Goodwill are tax deductible? When you donate your stuff, a donor representative will give you a receipt for tax purposes. Be sure to hang on to that receipt for tax time. If you need a blank donation tax receipt click here.

Federal law permits Goodwill donors to claim tax deductions for many financial contributions and for donated clothing and household goods in good, used condition or better.

If you’re unsure whether your item qualifies for a tax deduction, then consider this: if you would give it to a relative or friend, then the item is most likely in good condition and is appropriate to donate.

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service requires donors to value their items. To help guide you, we have compiled a suggested list with price ranges for items commonly sold in Goodwill stores.

View list of suggested price ranges for items commonly sold in Goodwill stores

Assume the items are in good condition, and remember—prices are only estimated values.

At Goodwill, we want people to give as much thought to where they donate their clothes as they would to where they donate their money. Donors should give to charities they know and trust and that will make the most of their donations.

Nearly 85 % of our revenues are channeled into job training and placement programs and other critical community services that benefit thousands of people each year.

We can’t provide receipts for donations that were placed in donation bins. If you would like a receipt for tax purposes, please take your donations to an attended donation center and a donor representative will provide one.