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Training Services

Personalize Training Services to Meet Your Needs

Training varies depending on the skills and interests of those we serve. These programs are offered in a variety of settings based on individual needs. To support long-term success, we design an individualized training plan that promotes personal and professional growth. We provide people with a variety of opportunities to develop their skills. This includes paid work in our stores, facilities and community sites. These opportunities also include social and personal development.

Personal Work Adjustment Training

Personal Work Adjustment Training is a service used to define work skills and help someone gain the skills needed to successfully enter the competitive workforce. This program generally lasts 4-6 months.

Vocational Training

We offer a variety of training opportunities that allow someone to participate in paid work experience while they learn/refine their knowledge of the soft skills that will allow them to be successful in the workplace. We help individuals in these services identify a personal career goal and a plan to reach that goal.

For more information, contact:

Sue Soderberg