Temporary Staffing

Temporary Staffing Solutions

Whether you’re looking for temporary staff to handle a seasonal spike or a few dedicated long-term employees, our temporary staffing solutions can help.

Features and Benefits of Goodwill’s Temporary Staffing Solutions

Recruiting and Screening:
Our temporary staffing services can save you time and money. Goodwill has access to a large pool of dedicated and motivated individuals with disabilities. We handle all employee recruiting and screening.

Payroll Administration:
All individuals are employed by Goodwill Keystone Area, so we handle all payroll calculations and payroll insurance. You will receive one convenient weekly invoice which includes all documented hours.

Workers Compensation:
All temporary employees are covered under Goodwill Keystone Area’s compensation plan.

Training Assistance:
In most cases, we can provide our temporary employees with a coach for start-up training and supervision at no cost to you.


Quality Management:
Along with training assistance, Goodwill maintains regular contact with our customers to ensure that the quality and productivity of employees meets their expectations.

Work Crews:
We have work crews with a supervisor. The supervisor is the liaison between your business and Goodwill Keystone Area. This model focuses on continuous quality assurance and has been used successfully by companies like Kraft Foods, Walgreens Distribution Center, Brown Printing, Just Born, Inc. and Protica.

Direct Hire:
Customers of Goodwill Keystone Area are encouraged to directly hire any of our employees. That is our mission and we provide that benefit to our customers.

Goodwill Temporary Staffing is a business service offered by Goodwill Keystone Area. In addition to selling donated items Goodwill stores, Goodwill Keystone Area provides business services such as custodial and labor fulfillment services to businesses and government. Proceeds from Goodwill stores and business services fund the Goodwill mission - We advance sustainability so that individuals and families can thrive and flourish.

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