If you’re having a holiday gathering and expecting more guests than you have glasses or you want to keep your set intact or ensure grandmother’s china doesn’t get broken, think about stocking up on some extra mugs, glassware and other kitchen items from Goodwill.

If the thought of serving drinks in your wedding crystal or good wine glasses gives you nightmares, why not get some inexpensive beverage glasses at one of our 35 Goodwill stores? Different mugs and glasses for each guest would also prevent drink mix ups from happening.

Barware 1
Budweiser Clydesdale lager glasses, a Planet Hollywood and a Brown University shot glass at Goodwill.
Unique quality barware from Goodwill doesn’t break your budget. Hand-blown champagne flute & martini glass – $0.97 each. Four matching tumblers – $0.47 each.

How often have we heard this exchange:” Where did I put my drink?” “What kind of glass was it in?” “It was like yours. Did you take my glass by mistake?” If you’ve ever been to a holiday party where identical wine glasses had different charms on them, but still got mixed up, you know how easy it is to forget where you left your glass when you get up to go to the bathroom and someone takes your spot near the fireplace.

Don’t lose track of which glass or beer mug is yours. Giving each guest a unique glass is easy if you shop at Goodwill.

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