Let’s face it, sometimes, last minute invitations come up. Your schedule clears and you are able to attend a holiday party you had not anticipated going to.  Sometimes your daughter comes to you and says she needs an outfit for the school dance tonight and has nothing to wear.

These dresses were available during a recent visit to a Goodwill in Lemoyne, PA.

You’ve done all of your holiday shopping already and came in at or near budget. You’ve fought through the Black Friday crowds and braved the parking lots packed with Christmas shoppers at the mall.  Now you want to get yourself or a family member a last-minute special outfit without paying retail. What do you do? This is the perfect time to think Goodwill.Our stores specialize in women’s fashions.You don’t have to pay $50 or more. Feel free to brag a little. ‘I paid $8 for this dress from Jones of New York at Goodwill.’ AND I used my Shop-N-Save card to save on this Liz Claiborne purse. Next time, bring along an envious friend to shop Goodwill with you.

Liz Claiborne, left and Tommy Hilfiger, right. Purses to accessorize any outfit and they won’t empty your wallet.

While you’re there, you may want to look for a housewarming gift for the party host. A serving dish.  A decoration. A game. You’ll leave knowing that you can still afford a bottle of wine for the hostess. Look for it and find it. At Goodwill.

Silver-plated candy dish. Perfect holiday impulse buy.

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