For some, love is in the air, birds are chirping, and people are gazing lovingly at each other during Valentine’s Day. But what if you do not have someone to gaze at? Or what if you just broke up with someone and all this Valentine’s talk is making your stomach turn. If you fall into that category, there is something that you can do to move on and feel good. Instead of tossing his or her things into a garbage can, or having a burn party why not participate in the Dump your X’s Stuff Drive. On February 14, donate any items from past relationships to Goodwill. Dump it and move on. That sweatshirt that smells like him or those CD’s she gave you while you were still together. Instead of throwing them out, why not donate it? Turn your ill-will into Goodwill. You don’t need a date, reservations, or to dress up for this event. Gather the jewelry, picture frames, or clothing and take it to any Goodwill Store and Donation Center. Please keep it legal and keep it clean! Also, please make sure the person has been dumped before donating the items. Once donated, these items go into any of our 34 stores in 22 counties and cannot be located.

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