If you are like me, then you love rare and collectible items. It is my passion in life to collect and own, for my enjoyment, all kinds of things from classic comic books to fascinating looking clocks to vintage figurines. I have spent many years all over the world searching for these rare, valuable, and sometimes weirdly cool artifacts. In all my travels I learned that all the items that I have ever wanted to find are right here at my local Goodwill stores.

I just walk in to my local store, take a look around, and let my imagination run free as the hunt begins for collectibles and treasure. I live by the mantra that one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

In upcoming posts, I would like to share stories of some of my great finds and point you in the right direction to start your own treasure-collecting journey. To help you, be sure to check out www.shopgoodwill.com for online sales of interesting and collectible items. Think of it as eBay for extraordinary shoppers and collectors. Until then, happy hunting.

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