I went looking for a few extra  serving bowls for a Super Bowl party I am planning, but was discouraged at the exorbitant prices at some high-end and supposedly bargain-price stores. While I was shopping I suddenly thought ‘Goodwill to the rescue.’ 

I knew the prices would be more than affordable and that I would be able to find something different. I chose a couple neat serving bowls. 

Silver-plated candy dish.
Great pretzel bowl and drink glasses for the Super Bowl.




Go fancy or plain with extra serving bowls for your party.

I found extra glasses in several Goodwill stores that I could use for drinks so my guests would not misplace their drinks.  I also found plenty of decorations in the purple and black shelves of my local Goodwill store – Ravens colors, and scarlet red and orange – San Francisco colors. This added some color to my party platters.

With the money you save on party decorations at Goodwill, buy some shrimp or wings for your guests.

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