Goodwill Books
Many popular titles and authors are available at Goodwill stores and online.

A library of books, CDs, DVDs, video games – as well as old school formats like VHS, cassette tapes and LP albums – gets donated to Goodwill each year. Donations go directly into our stores, which have whole sections devoted to media. Goodwill also sells books and media online to reach broader audiences of shoppers.

Goodwill has Books on Amazon and eBay

Goodwill has two e-books stores, one on and another on Shoppers can browse our virtual stores for in-demand titles that have been donated. This enables shoppers to let their fingers do the shopping to see if we have the book, video, game or music they are looking for. Our online eBay store is called goodwillkeybooks. Check to see what titles are available.

The online stores work in a unique way. At several Goodwill Keystone Area store locations, Goodwill employees scan the bar code of donated books and media. A computer program identifies whether demand for the book is high. Some of the books and media are then shipped to Reading where they are priced and then placed on Amazon or eBay. They are catalogued on shelves awaiting purchase.

The Amazon Store is Different than eBay

Most books sell on Amazon for $1, but shipping is extra and certain items are priced higher to start. On eBay, the books are sold at a fixed price and shipping is free. Books that are in higher demand are more likely to be available online, but are found in stores as well. When sold, they are pulled from the shelves and shipped USPS media mail. Still, most of the prices are a 33-50% lower than the retail price for trade paperbacks and hard covers.

Goodwill has a great supply of children’s books. If you’re still into vinyl or cassettes, VHS or CDs, those formats are also available in our retail and sometimes our online stores.


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