This East African bottle topper is hand carved out of a rare wood and is about 50 years old.
This East African bottle topper is hand carved out of a rare wood and is 55 years old.

Goodwill stores throughout the 22-county region comprising Goodwill Keystone Area receive all sorts of interesting donations every day.  After processing and pricing, donations go directly into stores for sale to customers or to The profits from these sales are used to help people with disabilities and other challenges to employment through job training and other activities.

Interesting sterling silver necklaces.
Interesting sterling silver necklaces.

More than 80 Goodwills across the nation have online stores that auction merchandise on, including five in Pennsylvania.  You can search the site by item, category or seller. Goodwill Keystone Area (GKA) has two online stores. (Click here to view merchandise currently up for auction at the Berwyn and Reading online stores.) Each online store offers brand name clothing, shoes, antiques and collectibles.

To browse merchandise on, you can search specifically for items available online at GKA’s two stores, click the magnifying glass and browse by seller.  one your search specifically for items for sale by the Berwyn or Reading online stores.

Proceeds from these online auctions are maximized, adding additional funds to Goodwill’s mission to support persons with disabilities and other barriers to independence in achieving their fullest potential as workers and as members of the broader community.

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