Every autumn this type of outfit shows up on my feed in slightly different variations – dark windowpane plaid pants (in whatever the popular style happens to be) and a solid top featuring one of the colors in the plaid.

Earlier this season, I saw this exact outfit at a mall store. I knew it would be easy to replicate with pieces from Goodwill Keystone Area, and I had honestly been hunting for this type of pants for several years now.

This outfit came together as mine usually do when I am searching the aisles at Goodwill: I start with the pants or skirts, find a pattern I like and then head to the tops to find a coordinating piece. (Or sometimes I start with the patterned top). Either way, I know I will have something that works and not take home an orphan piece of clothing that will never get worn.

I love these pants because they are cozy and flattering. Covid has made me realize I want to be comfortable in my clothing, and items that pinch, bind, or otherwise make me feel bad have no room in my closet.

Stretch fabrics are forgiving, and pairing these classic pants from Attyre (Goodwill: $5.29; Retail: $50) with a well-cut, structured sweatshirt from Aerie (Goodwill: $4.99; Retail: $50) make it even more perfect of an outfit. And navy and burgundy are always a perfect fall color combo.

As for accessories, I pulled a few classic pieces from my closet purchased years ago from Goodwill, but regularly reused and loved: Kate Spade patent leather wedges, a Banana Republic bag, and a vintage gold necklace.

All of these pieces together make this the perfect autumn outfit. The fact that it is from Goodwill Keystone Area is even better. Every day, your purchases at Goodwill help your local community and keep items out of landfills. It’s a win-win!

From my closet to yours,

Pants: $5.29
Shirt: $4.99
Shoes: $19.99
Bag: $6.97
Necklace: $3.97
Total: $41.21
Retail: $450

About The Blogger

Kirsten is a 40-something mom, wife and marketing professional. She loves all things crafty, tasty and fashionable, especially while being frugal. She enjoys hunting for treasures at her local Goodwill Keystone Area stores to decorate her home and wardrobe.

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