Get Your Hands on a Real Book for Less

Bestsellers at Goodwill
Hardbacks, trade paperbacks and children’s books are all available at Goodwill for less. From biographies to classics to thrillers, get it at Goodwill.

You might want to leave your Kindle or iPad at home when you go to the beach. Sand and electronics don’t mix. So buy a hardback or paperback for less at Goodwill. 

Whether your vacation spot is a backyard barbecue, a nearby beach or distant mountain, nothing beats a book you can open and read while you relax or when you are on vacation.

Our hardbacks are inexpensive and we have an ample supply of paperbacks,  juvenile and children’s books for even less.

Books at Goodwill
The Lightning Thief is a great book, which was made into a movie. So many Stephen King books have become movies. There’s even fitness books to be found just in time for summer.

Readers will always be able to find something to read at Goodwill.  Save your money and add to your summer reading list at any one of our Goodwill Keystone Area stores.

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