Enjoy Fresh, Local Produce without growing your own garden

Thinking about planting a garden this year, but don’t have the time to maintain it? Check out Goodwill at Homefields Farm – it’s a farm that grows fruits and vegetables without chemicals in the heart of Millersville, PA. Goodwill at Homefields Farm is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program that gorws more than 300 varieties of 45 different fruits and vegetables each season. The farm even has a pick-your-own field for strawberries and blueberries and grows herbs and flowers for the picking. According to Scott, who has been managing this farm for seven years, “Families can pick strawberries and blueberries and show their children or grandchildren how food grows.” They can stroll through the fields and peek in the green house. It’s a great time for families and neighbors.”

Scott also noted, “You can’t beat the freshness of the fruits and vegetables.” There’s no arguing that, but what you can’t beat is the mission- give people with disabilities an opportunity to work. Homefields, an all-volunteer, non-profit organization, is dedicated to creating new life options for people with disabilities. In 2000, Goodwill (the same non-profit organization that oversees thrift stores) joined with Homefields to provide horticultural job opportunities for people with disabilities. Goodwill at Homefields Farm links the trainee farmer to the real-world business. Trainees learn how to organically grow fruits and vegetables. They also learn how to harvest and sell crops.

Anyone in the community can support this program by purchasing a share. Each week, from June to November, shareholders can come to the farm and select from a tempting array of vegetables and fruits. You can purchase a half share, typically for a family of two, or a full share, typically for a family of four. Half share price is $17 per week ($425 a season), and full share price is $28 per week ($675 a season). At Goodwill at Homefields Farm you are not just picking up your produce, you are helping people with disabilities live full, productive lives. To learn more about the farm, click here.