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Accessorize Your Wardrobe This Spring

By Certified Professional Organizer and Owner at The Clutter Crew, Vali G. Heist

It’s spring and Goodwill Runway Show time! What a great way to inspire us to spruce up our wardrobes or get motivated to create something brand new. Here are a few items you can purchase at Goodwill to help you accessorize your spring wardrobe.

Spring Scarf
Brighten up a current outfit or tie it on a handbag to accessorize.

Fashionable Belt
Choose a belt that changes the look of a tired outfit.

Brightly Colored Handbag
Complement an outfit for a special occasion without breaking the bank.

Spring Shoes
Many of the shoes at Goodwill are gently-worn. Look for a pair to complement your spring outfits.

New Outfit
If you are feeling creative, shop the aisles and look at the fabric of the clothing instead of the style of clothing. Use that fabric to recreate a whole new piece of clothing. (I found two men’s shirts in spring colors to make the dress I’m wearing at the Runway Show!)

Designer Staple Piece
Browse the designer racks and find a staple piece to supplement your current spring wardrobe.

Remember, shopping at Goodwill is all about supporting their mission of helping people with disabilities – all while helping you watch your hard-earned dollars. Accessorizing at Goodwill: it’s a win-win! Find a store near you at

This article appears in the Goodwill Runway Show Program. Join us for the fashion event of the year, the Goodwill Runway Show! See how you can be stylish without maxing out your credit cards. Models will walk the runway wearing the latest trends found at Goodwill. This is Goodwill’s largest fundraiser in Berks County!

Date: Thursday, April 24, 2014 doors open 4:30, show begins 6:30

Location: Body Zone 3013 Paper Mill Road Wyomissing, PA 19610

Tickets: $40.00 include happy hour, silent auction, runway show and Goodwill boutique.


Bell Tower stylist supports Goodwill’s mission through Runway Show


By Goodwill Keystone Area blogger Tony D.

At Goodwill, we are overwhelmed at the generosity of community members who support our mission through a variety of actions including volunteering time, donating money, donating clothing and housewares at our stores and much more.

Next Thursday April 24th, we will host our Goodwill Runway Show at Body Zone in Wyomissing, PA . This annual event is made possible by the volunteer commitment of many supporters including our Committee Members who organize the event, local businesses through sponsorship, donations and silent auction donations, stylists and models who represent the amazing looks you can find for great values at Goodwill stores and many more behind the scenes roles who come together for one night of fun, food, fashion and raising money toward the Goodwill mission.

As a tribute to our volunteers, we decided to dedicate a blog post to one of our amazing volunteers, stylist Samara Stork.

SamaraBell Tower Logo

Name and Occupation: Samara Stork, Brand Manager for Bell Tower Salon, Medi-Spa and Store in Wyomissing, PA,

Goodwill Runway Show Committee Role: Stylist, Public Relations

What was your first job?
Sales Associate at The Limited

What skills did you learn on your first job that you still use today?
I’m still dressing people today, just in different ways!

Best Goodwill find?
Vintage Christian Dior slips that I found last year. They sold at our Runway Show Launch Party in minutes!

Who is your favorite fashion designer or stylist?
Marc Jacobs. I love the versatility that he displays as a designer and the fact that he’s not afraid to take chances.

Why do you volunteer for Goodwill?
Goodwill provides opportunity for people who may be overlooked in the workforce and they give individuals a sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Join us for the fashion event of the year, the Goodwill Runway Show! See how you can be stylish without maxing out your credit cards. Models will walk the runway wearing the latest trends found at Goodwill. This is Goodwill’s largest fundraiser in Berks County!

Date: Thursday, April 24, 2014 doors open 4:30, show begins 6:30

Location: Body Zone 3013 Paper Mill Road Wyomissing, PA 19610

Tickets: $40.00 include happy hour, silent auction, runway show and Goodwill boutique.


Spring Styling at Goodwill


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By stylist and blogger, Annette K.


3-25-24 Spring Awakening 1With temperatures nearing 60 degrees for the first time in months, customers are turning to Goodwill in search of clothes and accessories to liven up their wardrobe for spring. Things like short-sleeve shirts in cool comfortable cotton, lightweight jackets or a pair of shoes or sandals for warm breezy days are popular purchases.

Shopper Barbara Kavelines of Tobyhana visited Goodwill to find an outfit to wear in her town parade.

“I love all the colors that the store has. Everything looks so nice,” said Barbara, community theatre actress and aspiring baker.

Spring is awakening in Pennsylvania and Goodwill Keystone Area stores are stocked and ready with racks of cothing and house wares in lively spring styles and colors.

3-25-24 Spring Awakening 2Goodwill uses the revenue generated from the thrift stores to create jobs and job opportunities for folks with barriers and disabilities. Thanks to the generosity of local donors, communities and businesses, Goodwill Keystone Area provided life changing service to 3,265 people in Pennsylvania last year.

This spring, think Goodwill – where your donations and purchases make a local difference.

3-25-24 Spring Awakening_Page_2

Special thanks to Eliana Spaziani and Alex Rolon, sales associates who work at the Goodwill Store & Donation Center in Bethlehem, PA.

Weather or not, Allentown marathoner runs on…

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By stylist and blogger, Annette K.



Allentown native Darleen Rosenblatt Mostellar didn’t let frigid weather get in the way of her 2013 New Year’s Resolution!  In fact, she didn’t let wind, rain, snow or sleet get in her way either.

On December 31, 2013, Darleen ran her 2013th mile in her quest to run 2013 miles in the year 2013.

“And I ran one extra for good luck,” she said.

Considering Darleen is among the 50-something age group and a working mom of 2 teenage kids, running 2014 miles in one year became a daily priority and commitment.

“Lots of people ask me how I fit it all in,” she said. “It was persistence, dedication, and wearing lots and lots of layers.”

Darleen shops at Goodwill stores where she can purchase her layers at thrifty prices and keep within her family budget.

“I run outside in all kinds of weather. I never used a treadmill,” she said.

From fleeces, wools, cottons and blends, Darleen dresses with many layers in frigid temperatures including three on her legs and up to four on her upper body.  Then she uses a scarf around her face and mouth to help shield the cold air.

Darleen has been running for 35 years and has completed 28 marathons. Among which are Boston, Marine Corp in Washington DC, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and The Goofy Challenge in Orlando, FL. Her most recent run was the Christmas Classic in Bethlehem PA, where she and her son ran together.

A mentor to younger runners and inspiration to many, Darleen has made her 2014 resolution.

2014 miles… and maybe an extra one for good luck.

Don’t let dropping temperatures become an excuse to ignore your goals and resolutions. Layer up at Goodwill where you can find clothing for all types of weather at prices for all types of budgets.


All clothing pictured comes from the Goodwill store in Bethlehem, PA.
Cost of clothing: running pants $4.00, fleece pullover $4.00, turtleneck $3.50, vest $6.00, scarf $2.00, gloves $1.00, headband .49

Have fashion tips or blog ideas? Interested in doing a donation drive at your home community, business, church or school? Contact Annette Kaiser at

Thanks to Darleen Rosenblatt Mostellar for sharing her story and to store manager Phil Koch and assistant manager Sandra at the Goodwill Store in Bethlehem, PA for their time and assistance.

Goodwill Store Manager Lost 142 Pounds and Counting

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By stylist and blogger, Annette K.



Exactly one year ago Todd Bozes’ wife brought him a gift. It was a brand new scale – one that registers higher weights than the standard bathroom model. Without thinking too much, Todd stepped up.


“I’m never eating again,” he said.

It’s the start of a new year and this week hundreds of thousands of Americans are making commitments to lose weight. According to a University of Scranton study, weight loss is the number one New Year’s resolution. But unfortunately, only 8% will achieve their desired goal.

Last year, Todd Bozes, a Goodwill store manager, was one of those people and made the resolution to lose weight. He is also a member of that 8% group.

To date, Todd has lost 142 lb’s. He has dropped from a 58” waist to a 44” waist and went down three shirt sizes. He even lost weight in his feet! Todd’s shoe size went from 12 ½ to 10 ½. His wedding band had to be adjusted. It went from fitting his ring finger to fitting his thumb.

Goodwill stores don’t resize jewelry, but Todd could find everything else he needed on the racks at Goodwill. “I bought new pants every four inches and donated clothes that I no longer could wear,” he said. Todd has met other people who do the same.


“I hope to get into a size ‘large’ shirt and 34” jeans when all is said and done,” he said.

The question he is asked the most is: “How did you do it?”

His reply, “No pills, no surgery, no restrictions. I count calories and use portion control.” He stopped drinking soda and instead drinks four bottles of water each day. He doesn’t snack at night, cutting off his food intake at 7pm. Instead of eating a heavy lunch, he walks two miles.

The simple gift of the scale was the encouragement Todd needed to protect the well-being of his family, his wife Beth, 4-year old son and brand new baby boy born January 3, 2014.

“You have to do whatever needs to be done to ensure that you are around to support and love those close to you for a long, long time. Losing this weight now is putting me in a better position to do just that,” explained Todd.


A vintage holiday…and a silent night

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By stylist and blogger, Annette K.



After a busy day at work, I stopped at the Goodwill Store on Lehigh Street in Allentown, PA.

I was on a mission — run in, grab something festive for the holidays – a candle, a figurine, garland. Something that would awaken the Christmas spirit in my sleepy house, and make it feel merry and bright.

As I hurried through the aisles, I was struck by the multitude of holiday decorations. There were figurines, Santas, reindeer, snowmen and angels. There were vintage Christmas dishes tablecloths, and mounds of ornaments – some with European flavor, some homemade and even some with NFL and MLB insignia (…no comment).

I thought about the families and traditions that surrounded them. I imagined their history and stories. I found myself smiling and reminiscing as my pace slowed down and my stride began to relax. You never know what you’ll find.  That evening I ended up finding a few decorations for my home. I found something more…my Christmas spirit!

Not only do I get to enjoy these holiday decorations, but my purchases support the Goodwill’s mission of helping people with disabilities and other barriers become hopeful through a variety of programs and services.


Wishing you a holiday filled with new memories.

Thanks to model Brianne Smiley and Rob Graver, manager of the Goodwill store on Lehigh Street in Allentown, PA.

Dad Jeans….nice men of the world deserve better

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By stylist and blogger, Annette K.



We all know the look. They’re not really skinny-cut, boot-cut or straight-cut. They’re in-between. They’re thick and made from heavy, well-washed denim, usually originating from a sky-blue color. They sit a little (embarrassingly) high on the waist, and gently taper down the leg ending precisely at the tip of the shoe lace. They’re always worn with an all-purpose shiny belt, and once-in a while you’ll find them with a set of keys hanging from one of the loops.

Dad Jeans.

The all-American, all-purpose, wear-anywhere, wash-and-go comfy pant found in the dresser drawers of our beloved men.

Make no mistake. I happen to love the concept of dad-jeans. They represent solid values and priorities–families, kids, budgets, hard work. They represent that friendly guy you see in the early morning filling his car with gas. The nice guy who is all showered, shaven, hair slicked, fresh smelling, ready for his day and ready to lend a hand while making pleasant “good morning” conversation. They represent the guy who has better things to do than be concerned about making a fashion statement.

But nice guys deserve nice looks—with some pizzazz. And a visit to the local Goodwill store is just the place to get it. At Goodwill, men can try out new colors, cuts and styles and pay just a fraction of the cost of major retail stores.

With endless selections of jeans, coats, shirts and blazers, Goodwill offers great selections at thrifty prices that any budget-conscience “dad-jean-kind-of-guy” can appreciate.


Thanks to Travis Smith who manages the Goodwill store and donation center in Lemoyne, PA for modeling. His clothes came from the Goodwill store located in Palmyra, PA

A Softer Side of Tattoos


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By stylist and blogger, Annette K.


softer-tattoos1Sarah Evans received a tattoo for her 18th birthday as a gift from her mother. She chose a skull with tiger lilies and had it placed behind her left shoulder.

Today, Sarah is a tattoo artist at Sacred Art in Pen Argyl, PA and wears her personality and passion on her sleeve. With a half tattoo sleeve on one arm and a full sleeve on the other, Sarah’s original skull and tiger lilies continue to grow.

However, un-like the old “guns-and-roses, tough guy” image of the past, Sarah represents a new trend in tattooing. Using your sleeve-art to create harmony with personal style.

The result? A softer, more balanced and feminine look.

softer-tattoos2Most of Sarah’s wardrobe comes from the Goodwill Store in Bethlehem, PA where she and her mom are “regulars”.

“I come here all the time-I can always find something new and different,” said Sarah. “It’s funny because I don’t know what I like more…hunting for cool pieces or the actual piece itself.”

Visit your local Goodwill Thrift Store to create harmony and discover the softer side of tattoos. Endless styles, colors and fabrics await.

Follow these three tips to create your harmony….

  1. Choose colors that complement your tattoo. Wear the color right next to your tattoo.
  2. Choose designs the same scale as the tattoo. If your tattoo is intricate, choose intricate prints. If your tattoo is bold, choose bold prints.
  3. Create balance. Wear print designs opposite your tattoo and solid colors next to your tattoo.

All clothing is from the racks of the Goodwill Store in Bethlehem, PA.


Fashion…..for the Young at Heart


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By stylist and blogger, Annette K.


Alternative dressing is the new chic. With eclectic patterns and designs layered on top of ink and piercings, this style is brave and courageous and is no longer reserved for just the young, but also for the young at heart.

Meet Nikki January—a brave and courageous “40 some-year-old” single mother, full time college student and cancer survivor. Nikki is a “regular” at Goodwill Keystone Area stores where she shops for pieces that express her unique look and personality. Nikki said, “At Goodwill, you don’t have to take a $50.00 chance on style, just a $3.00 chance.”

Whereas most 40-somethings are wearing slacks and sweaters, Nikki takes fashion chances and mixes textures and patterns to create a one-of-a-kind look.

“You have to own your style, have confidence and just keep your head up,” she said.

Because of the low prices at Goodwill, Nikki stretches her dollars to have many fun looks and she has said, “I have clothes on my back because of Goodwill.”

Check out your new look at Goodwill. Endless possibilities await.


Next week get some tips on how to accentuate your tattoos. Nikki’s daughter, Sarah Evans, who is a tattoo artist, shares her secrets.


Special thanks to Phil Koch, manager at the Goodwill store in Bethlehem, PA, and Nikki and Sarah for sharing their story.

Goodwill Salutes our Vets!


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By stylist and blogger, Annette K.


While the nation sets aside a holiday to honor our veterans each year, Goodwill is invested in their success year round.

Coming out of the military after years of service presents challenges for most Vets. With new job skills, passions and family structures, transitioning into civilian life is often overwhelming.

Goodwill Keystone Area recognizes these difficult transitions and offers help.

Military and their spouses are given a 10% discount at all of our retail stores—not just on Veteran’s day, but every day!

I met up with Trenesa Perkins at one of the Goodwill Stores in Lancaster PA for a style makeover. We wanted to create an individual style, one that matched her sophisticated and spirited personality yet still offered her versatility of wear. After searching the racks at Goodwill, Trenesa’s new style quickly came to life. And along the way, a go-to piece was discovered!


Trenesa Perkins served in the US Navy for nearly a decade. Perkins, an E-5 Petty Officer, was stationed on the USS Abraham Lincoln – the air craft carrier that began the Iraqi War- as Air Intercept Controller/Operations Specialist. After her almost decade- long tour of active duty on the ship, she found it hard to make the transition into civilian life.

“When I left the Navy it was very hard to re-adjust. I didn’t feel as though I was prepared to become a civilian,” said Trenesa.

Goodwill offers a program for vets called Vet Success, which provides counseling, training and education to vets with service-oriented disabilities. Trenesa came to Goodwill through the Vet Success Program and received assessments to help her find new direction.

Today, Trenesa is set to graduate from Harrisburg Area Community College as a radiographer.

“One day, I hope to work in a VA hospital and serve those who served us,” said Trenesa.

Everyday is Veteran’s Day at Goodwill.

TrenesaNavyPic111113Special Thanks to Lucas Gonzalez, manager of Goodwill East in Lancaster PA.

Special Thanks to Jeff Yanovitch from Yano Creative for pictures.

Special Thanks to Trenesa Perkins for sharing her story.