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By stylist and blogger, Annette K.


While the nation sets aside a holiday to honor our veterans each year, Goodwill is invested in their success year round.

Coming out of the military after years of service presents challenges for most Vets. With new job skills, passions and family structures, transitioning into civilian life is often overwhelming.

Goodwill Keystone Area recognizes these difficult transitions and offers help.

Military and their spouses are given a 10% discount at all of our retail stores—not just on Veteran’s day, but every day!

I met up with Trenesa Perkins at one of the Goodwill Stores in Lancaster PA for a style makeover. We wanted to create an individual style, one that matched her sophisticated and spirited personality yet still offered her versatility of wear. After searching the racks at Goodwill, Trenesa’s new style quickly came to life. And along the way, a go-to piece was discovered!


Trenesa Perkins served in the US Navy for nearly a decade. Perkins, an E-5 Petty Officer, was stationed on the USS Abraham Lincoln – the air craft carrier that began the Iraqi War- as Air Intercept Controller/Operations Specialist. After her almost decade- long tour of active duty on the ship, she found it hard to make the transition into civilian life.

“When I left the Navy it was very hard to re-adjust. I didn’t feel as though I was prepared to become a civilian,” said Trenesa.

Goodwill offers a program for vets called Vet Success, which provides counseling, training and education to vets with service-oriented disabilities. Trenesa came to Goodwill through the Vet Success Program and received assessments to help her find new direction.

Today, Trenesa is set to graduate from Harrisburg Area Community College as a radiographer.

“One day, I hope to work in a VA hospital and serve those who served us,” said Trenesa.

Everyday is Veteran’s Day at Goodwill.

TrenesaNavyPic111113 Special Thanks to Lucas Gonzalez, manager of Goodwill East in Lancaster PA.

Special Thanks to Jeff Yanovitch from Yano Creative @yanocreative.com for pictures.

Special Thanks to Trenesa Perkins for sharing her story.


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