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Red Carpet Runway – Goodwill style


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By stylist and blogger, Annette K.


Red Carpet Runway - Goodwill Style

You don’t have to be Meryl Streep or live in Hollywood to get a front-row seat at the show.

Goodwill’s best-dressed will be at The Body Zone in Wyomissing on Thursday, April 24, for a fashion experience.

Local designers, fashion consultants and hair and makeup professionals will be putting their best brush forward in showing off bold colors, solid styles and fearless fashion.

And all at thrifty prices that any budget-conscious fashionista can afford!

Get up close and personal and see local fashion and style at its best. You’ll be star-struck in your own backyard.


Doors open at 4:30 p.m.
Show begins at 6:30 p.m.

Body Zone
3103 Paper Mill Road
Wyomissing, PA 19610

Happy Hour • Silent Auction • Runway Show • Goodwill Boutique






Remember to consider Goodwill as your donation center of choice, where we create jobs for folks with barriers and disabilities.


Hippie Skirts and Sleeveless Bargains

A New Generation of Thrift Store Shoppers

My daughter has become a thrift store shopper like me. On two recent trips to Goodwill, she went back-to-school shopping and she was excited to find a number of outfits – black camis and ‘hippie’ skirts.  She has her own sense of style and found exactly what she was looking for. Of course she did, she was shopping at Goodwill.

Hippie Skirts at Goodwill

(Photo credit: Emily Bateman) Making a donated item your own hip, current style is what thrift shopping is all about.

She’s a college student looking to differentiate her style from the crowd. When I saw her trying on outfits, I knew she’d struck Goodwill gold.  When you are shopping for your style, you often find exactly what you are looking for at Goodwill. Better yet are the bargain prices.  The skirts and shirts were both just $3.50 a piece.

Save More with Goodwill Rewards Card

Sleeveless Tee and Hippie Skirt

A young thrifter finds a great skirt and cami at Goodwill for $7.

With a Goodwill Rewards Card, shoppers can save an additional 25% on daily specials, which in this case was $6. Total bill – just over $25 with tax. The money saved helped pay for lunch.

Goodwill Sales Funds Job Programs

It’s also good to know that her purchases and support of Goodwill  fund job training programs.  Sales of gently used donated items benefit people with disabilities.  Bargains fund opportunities.  It’s a win win.

After Your Yard Sale, Think Goodwill

So everything didn’t sell at the yard sale, but you made some money and cleaned out the garage, basement and those over-stuffed closets.

Instead of putting what you didn’t sell at the curb, donate it to Goodwill. The last thing you want to do is re-store boxes of unsold stuff you no longer use and refill the space you just cleared. Declutter. Feel the freedom of letting go of your unneeded stuff.  Keep your gently used items out of landfills.

Next time you are out and about, donate them to Goodwill: store locations. Take those bags and boxes of stuff to a Goodwill store near you. Hundreds of donors give to Goodwill each week. You too can feel good knowing your things are going to a good cause.

Your donations help people in your community. Goodwill provides job training and runs programs for people with disabilities. The sale of donated merchandize helps create jobs and teaches new job skills to people who have barriers to employment. Goodwill accepts clothes, toys, glassware, household items, furniture (at most locations) and computers, but NOT TVs. For a list of what not to donate.

To fulfill its mission, Goodwill needs donations like yours. Don’t let your possession end up in a landfill.  When you are ready to declutter, go green and donate to Goodwill.

Go Green. Recycle Your Old Computer at Goodwill.

Go Green. Recycle Your Old Computer at Goodwill.

New Recycling Act in Effect Jan. 24

As of January 24, 2013, Pennsylvania will be requiring all computers and televisions to be recycled under the Covered Device Recycling Act. These items will no longer be picked up curbside with regular trash. Many waste haulers are already instituting the policy to start the year.

Goodwill Does Not Accept Donated TVs

Since March  2012, Goodwill Keystone Area has no longer accepts donated TVs. We do recycle any brand of laptops and desktop computers, monitors, printers, mice, cords and other computer accessories, whether they are in operating condition or not. We also accept donated consumer electronics that are in working condition. If you donate a computer, be sure to transfer or erase any personal information you may need from the hard drive.

We Do Accept Computers! Goodwill’s Dell Reconnect Program. imagesCALRY2F1

Go green by donating a computer or computer accessory to Goodwill, enabling it to be recycled properly. Goodwill recycles computers through a program called Dell Reconnect. This ensures that no computers take up valuable landfill space and that heavy metals are disposed of properly so they don’t contaminate the environment, damage soil or pollute watersheds.

If you are donating a computer monitor, laptop or scanner and the glass is damaged, please place it in a plastic-lined cardboard box when dropping it off. For information on the computer components and peripherals accepted, check here: Donors can assign a value to the computers they donate for tax write-off purposes.

Dispose of TVs at County Recycling Centers

To properly dispose of and recycle televisions or nonworking electronics, we recommend you contact your county recycling center. For addresses, go here:


Having Trouble Figuring Out Where to Put it All?

Donate the old so you have room for the new

Many people received a bounty of new things over the holidays.  Are you asking yourself where to store it all? Are your cabinets and drawers, closets and shelves already brimming? If so, clutter sometimes needs to go. You don’t need to fill the spare room, basement or attic with storage overflow. Donate those bags and boxes of stuff.

Do your community good

The things you no longer need may be just what others are looking for. Donate them to Goodwill. Your donations fuel our mission. Our stores fund job training for people with disabilities or other barriers to independence.

Remember donating in December means tax deductions in 2013

December 31 is the deadline to ensure your end-of-year donation is a tax write-off for the 2012 tax year. If itemizing, be sure to ask for a receipt.  We can’t place a value of your donations, only you can.  But here is a link to guidelines on how to value donated items.

Unfortunately, there are some items we cannot take. Here is a list of what we can’t take, including certain infant items, which are often recalled: