So everything didn’t sell at the yard sale, but you made some money and cleaned out the garage, basement and those over-stuffed closets.

Instead of putting what you didn’t sell at the curb, donate it to Goodwill. The last thing you want to do is re-store boxes of unsold stuff you no longer use and refill the space you just cleared. Declutter. Feel the freedom of letting go of your unneeded stuff.  Keep your gently used items out of landfills.

Next time you are out and about, donate them to Goodwill: store locations. Take those bags and boxes of stuff to a Goodwill store near you. Hundreds of donors give to Goodwill each week. You too can feel good knowing your things are going to a good cause.

Your donations help people in your community. Goodwill provides job training and runs programs for people with disabilities. The sale of donated merchandize helps create jobs and teaches new job skills to people who have barriers to employment. Goodwill accepts clothes, toys, glassware, household items, furniture (at most locations) and computers, but NOT TVs. For a list of what not to donate.

To fulfill its mission, Goodwill needs donations like yours. Don’t let your possession end up in a landfill.  When you are ready to declutter, go green and donate to Goodwill.

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