I missed the Goodwill Runway Show last year because I was away on vacation. But I’m definitely making sure that I’m in town this year. I heard it was phenomenal!

A few friends of mine went and told me there were delicious hors d’oeuvres from restaurants in Berks County and a silent auction filled with designer purses, gift baskets and jewelry. Then the pièce de résistance : the trendy Goodwill Runway Show that featured more than 100 outfits! After the show, they opened a boutique where you could buy Goodwill clothing AND the outfits fresh off the runway! Here are a few pictures that my friend sent of models on the runway:Goodwill Runway Show

Pretty cool, huh? All the clothing in the show came from Goodwill Stores! There were outfits “off the rack” and some that Berks County designer, Susan Golembiski re-fashioned. I absolutely love fashion and that I can find it at Goodwill for a good price!

The 2010 show is on September 9. Don’t miss it!

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