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Yellow – Straight From the Runway


One of the hottest colors on and off the runway this summer is yellow! You can wear this color in any shade and it will flatter your newly tanned skin.

My personal favorite is the soft pastel yellow. I got a light sweater in this color at my local Goodwill. It was just a few dollars.shorts soft and yellow sweater

While I was there, I found a sleeveless top in a bold yellow, perfect to wear during the hot summer days.Yellow bring shirt

I also bought a sunny yellow J.Jill top for $3.75, and it’s extremely comfortable and could be worn almost anywhere.Yellow top

You don’t always have to wear a size that fits you perfectly as long as it complements your body type. It’s ideal for a lazy afternoon, yoga class, any thing that you could think of where you want to dress relaxed and look good at the same time.

Peace & Progress,

Alexandra K.

About Alexandra K.

A part of discovering yourself and your personality is discovering what inspires you. Inspiration is truly everywhere! When it comes to fashion, I have been inspired by laid back looks with statement pieces. Looking forward to stylin’ with you over the summer. Peace and Progress, Alexandra K.