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You can practically never go wrong with a sundress. They are always a great idea for a beautiful day, a family event, or even a concert!

However, be sure to wear the right sundress for the right summer occasion.

For example, the blue dress (picture on the left) that I bought at Goodwill is perfect for the boardwalk. This style of dress is comfortable, but it should stay at the beach.

For something other than the pool or beach, I always try to think, “What would Kate Middleton or Blake Lively wear?” They have a classy and timeless style. I found a black and white floral dress (picture on the right) at Goodwill and it appears to be handmade. It’s tasteful and works for many occasions and events!

By the way, each dress was just $5.00!

Peace & Progress – Alexandra K.

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Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 12.56.11 PM

About Alexandra K.

A part of discovering yourself and your personality is discovering what inspires you. Inspiration is truly everywhere! When it comes to fashion, I have been inspired by laid back looks with statement pieces. Looking forward to stylin’ with you over the summer. Peace and Progress, Alexandra K.