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Occasionally you come across “close to perfect” treasures at Goodwill Keystone Area stores. Instead of leaving them behind, some items can be rescued with a little ingenuity and DIY craftiness.

I’ve done several other DIY projects, but today I’m showing you 3 simple ways to update shoes that are in need of a little TLC. I purchased these shoes at local Goodwill stores and the crafting supplies were purchased on, but you might be able to find these at local stores.

The first makeover I did is as good as gold, rose gold that is. I can’t get enough of that rosy hue this season. I have wanted a pair of flats in that tone, but have not come across them yet on my thrifty travels. These Christian Siriano for Payless were $7.47. Rosegoldflats-1They were originally a slightly worn out, faded gold with some wear spots around the toes. I purchased the Rose Gold leather paint for about $8.00. Rosegoldflats-2I carefully applied the color with a brush in two thin coats. It covered completely and they turned out looking fantastic! Rosegoldflats-3Rosegoldflats-4There is also plenty of paint for many more projects – maybe a clutch or other accessories?

The Adidas Superstar sneakers were also $7.47. Adidas2They were in good shape and a real steal since they originally sold for $80. According to the Adidas website: “Superstar Shoes – An authentic reissue of a classic sneaker. From basketball MVP to streetwear queen, the adidas Superstar shoe has been going strong since 1969. These women’s sneakers are a faithful reproduction of the shell-toe shoe with a smooth leather upper riding on a rubber cupsole.” All they really needed was a good cleaning. I have some clay cleaner and all it took was a little elbow grease and a good scrub to make bright and shiny. I left them in the sun for the afternoon to dry. Adidas1 Adidas3Although the difference is subtle in the pictures, I can guarantee you they look like new!

The last project took a little more effort, but the pay off is huge. These genuine Fendi brown suede vintage heels were also $7.47, but they were missing a heel tip.Fendi1 Fendi2 I had ordered a heel tip kit off of Amazon several years ago. It was about $7 and came with 50 or so different size replacement heel tips.Fendi4 Using pliers I pried out the damaged heel tip. Sometimes it can be a little difficult, but with some effort they usually give way. Using a small hammer, I tapped in the new tip. Fendi3To make them even, I removed the other one so the tips would match. Fendi is a very well known Italian designer brand and these shoes probably sold for about $800 in the 1980s. Fendi5I saved about 99% on these iconic designer shoes!

With a little work and creativity you can turn some average thrifted finds into Goodwill gold!

From my closet to yours,

Flats: $7.47; Retail $30
Adidas sneakers: $7.47; Retail $80
Fendi heels: $7.47; Retail $800



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