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Release your inner creativity

Who doesn’t want to save money? It is crucial to be able save in today’s economy. One thing that everyone would love to be able to save money on is furniture. Thrift stores like your local Goodwill are unknown goldmines for great furniture. From end tables to coffee tables, couches to rockers, great bargains can be found everywhere. 

Sometimes you have to check back a couple of times. Ask your friends to keep their eyes open if they see a great piece of furniture. Patience is a virtue with furniture shopping at a thrift store. It is well worth it, however. 

Here’s where it gets really fun for those who want to release their inner creativity. Let’s say you find a piece of furniture but it looks a little bland or worn, what do you do? Decorate it. Paint it. Put some design into. Have a blast putting your own spin into you new, creative furniture. Become a feng shui master in your home. Bargain furniture is waiting for you. All you have to do is look. Remember, a great bargain is just around the corner. 

Dresser Makeover from Design Sponge

Dresser Makeover from Design Sponge