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So many things are changing this year, but luckily for my daughter and her friends, a few things are staying the same. Her school is hosting a reimagined Prom. It is an outdoor event with food trucks, yard games, a DJ, and a photo booth. Everything is on the football field and parking lot, and masks are required.

I would do anything for my children, and if my daughter had wanted a fancy dress from a boutique or King of Prussia mall I would have gotten her whatever she wanted. However, she has embraced thrift shopping at our local Goodwill Keystone Area stores. She likes a unique, vintage 90s vibe that isn’t available off the rack.

Several weeks ago, we were shopping at the Shillington location. There was a rack of formal dresses. She passed them all by for the regular dress section where she methodically looked through the long rack of items. If you’ve been to Shillington, you know it is one of the larger stores with an amazing inventory.

She narrowed it down to 4 dresses to take to the fitting room, and although some of the others were nice, this silky black slip dress from Hampton Nites emerged as the winner. The floral pattern and full length made it formal-worthy. Amazingly it almost fit her perfectly and ended up just needing a slight alteration, which a friend completed for just a few dollars. A little research revealed that the brand was popular in the 90s, so it was just what she was looking for!

She paired it with a black leather clutch from WCM (Goodwill: $3.97), her own Steven Madden shoes and jewelry picked up at an antique flea market for a few dollars.

All in all, her complete look (including alterations and jewelry) was about $35. Her prom ticket was twice that, but the memories she’ll make with her friends will be priceless. I’m happy that she appreciates shopping at Goodwill Keystone Area and enjoys hunting for treasured pieces of clothing. If you have a special event coming up, consider your local Goodwill store. They are filled with clothing for every occasion!

From my closet to yours,

Dress: $8.00
Clutch: $3.97
Total: $11.97



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Kirsten is a 40-something mom, wife and marketing professional. She loves all things crafty, tasty and fashionable, especially while being frugal. She enjoys hunting for treasures at her local Goodwill Keystone Area stores to decorate her home and wardrobe.