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Orange you glad it’s fall?


Fall is almost here, and I’m loving the new styles in the October fashion magazines that show up in my mailbox. InStyle featured a photo of boots in rich jewel tones and it reminded me I had my own hand-crafted orange boots.NBlog

This was a DIY project from 2 years ago, but the boots are still on-trend for 2017. I picked up this pair of beige suede Cesare Paciotti (a high-end Italian brand) boots at a Reading area Goodwill for just a few dollars. NBlog4They retail for approximately $600, but this pair was scuffed and a bit dirty. I knew they were of such a high quality that I wanted to try and revive them.

Instead of typical brown or black, I ordered a rich orange leather dye and got to work. It was an easy process and the finished project was gorgeous! NBlog3
NBlog2I have a unique pair of stylish boots that no one else has. I’ll be featuring some other DIY projects on an upcoming blog post.NBlog6

For the impending Fall equinox I paired them with this graphic Loft shift dress. NBlog5The blue and lime green coordinate nicely with the rich pumpkin color. The ¾ sleeves are perfect for these in-between days when it isn’t really hot or cold yet.

For accessories, I went high end with the purse. NBlog7This adorable gold Cole Haan baguette bag would have retailed for around $300. I picked it up for just $6.97 at the Robesonia Goodwill. I added in a gold and orange necklace and bracelet to complete the look.

Recreating the looks you find in magazines is easy with a little creativity and some items from your local Goodwill Keystone Area store.

Dress: $5.50
Necklace: $6.97
Bracelet: $1.97
Purse: $6.97
Boots: $20 (includes cost of boots and dye)

Total: $41.41

Retail estimate: $1,000

From my closet to yours,



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