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One Ring to Rule them All

If you haven’t yet heard, Goodwill received an anonymous donation of a fabulous 2.6 carat diamond ring. It has been appraised at $17,600 and will be placed up for bid probably next week on the auction site for Goodwill, where everyone has a chance to bid on it.

This has been an exciting week for all of goodwill with all of the media coverage from this once in a lifetime donation. There has been airplay on ABC’s National News, MSNBC, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and NBC’s the Today Show. Everyone wants to get the word out on this ring.

Here is a bit of some of the newscast from the Today Show:

“And the ring turned in by an unknown is apparently very generous donor at a Goodwill distribution center in Pennsylvania has now been appraised at more than $17,000. The center usually gets costume jewelry but this was one a diamond in the rough. Talk about Goodwill… I wonder if it was a mistake. It must have been a very honest employee of that Goodwill center. That’s nice to see. It is going to go for good.”

Word is spreading on this ring. To get all the latest updates stay posted here or at Facebook. Remember to spread the word and the Goodwill.

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