Goodwill Keystone Area Fashion Blog

November Means New Winter Coats

On a recent visit to a Goodwill Keystone Area store in Shillington, a number of full racks of coats were on display.

Winter coats are being stocked daily.


Coats are donated and placed on Goodwill sales floors each week. With winter coming and Daylight Savings imminent, it will be darker earlier and thus colder earlier starting next week. Winter coats will be in demand, so come in and check to see if there is a coat for you.

We’d also like to remind both Goodwill customers and Goodwill donors that when you buy a new coat, you should consider donating an older coat that is in good condition.  It may be a few years out of style or no longer your favorite color or cut, but chances are it is exactly what someone is looking for. If you are looking for additional colors and styles of coats at bargain prices, many designer brand products are available at a Goodwill near you.

Layers Keep You Warmer

Goodwill stores also have a variety of sweatshirts and tee shirts for your outdoor winter activities.

Get your Major League Baseball gear early for the 2013 season.

As of Nov. 2, the Ohio State Buckeyes were still undefeated, but not bowl eligible.


Finds like this Cheshire cat sweater will keep you warm in your rabbit hole. Such finds are common at Goodwill stores.



Warm team logo products like this one are easy to find if you search by the colors of your favorite college or pro teams.