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Sometimes you want to stand out at a holiday party and not wear the typical black dress or festive sweater. Juxtaposing contrasting fabrics, textures and styles will set you apart at any event! And the best part of this look is that it is under $13!

Once in a while I hit up the Goodwill Keystone Area outlet in Reading just to see what I can find. This trip ended up providing me with the pieces to this modern holiday look that my friend Meredith is modeling for me!

The vintage beaded top was such a beautiful piece.DSC_5083
It was obviously from the 80s and to modernize it I cut out the shoulder pads, even though I have heard rumors that shoulder pads are coming back. DSC_5082I thought about finding jeans to pair with it, but when I found these American Eagle joggers, I knew this was the right combo.DSC_5076

Velvet is a huge trend this year and not just for the holidays. This Laura Ashley jacket was also from the 80s and I found it “new with tags”. It was marked $240! At the outlet, you pay per pound, so I’m estimating that these pieces cost me about $1.00 each. To find Goodwill Keystone Area Outlets in your area, use the store locator.

To add an edgy look, I added a studded faux leather clutch from Jessica Simpson. DSC_5086I love the chain strap and the metallic details on the bag. It ties the whole look together. (Meredith provided her own shoes).

The best part of this outfit is that each of the pieces are easy to mix and match into your existing wardrobe. Wear a casual t-shirt with the joggers; a pencil skirt with the beaded top or throw the velvet jacket on over jeans and a tank top!

Top: $1.00
Pants: $1.00
Jacket: $1.00
Clutch: $9.97

Total: $12.97

Retail estimate: $400+

From my closet to yours,



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