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Grow Your Own Bed of Roses!


On a recent trip to a large mall (my kids wanted to go; I can’t fathom paying those prices!), I started to notice floral appliqué was on everything! From scarves to sweaters and dresses and shoes! 6Ironically a few months ago I planned a project just like this and with the cold weather keeping us inside, it was the perfect time to get crafty!

I had ordered a pack of rose fabric appliqués from Amazon for about $8.00. There were about 20 pieces of different sizes, so I have plenty more to use for future projects.2 I also picked up a container of Fabric-Tac at a local big box store for about $5. You could probably pick up the appliqués and glue at your local craft store.

Since I wasn’t sure how the appliqués would adhere to leather or a smooth surface, I hunted around several local Goodwill Keystone Area stores for a pair of faux suede booties. These burgundy beauties (at just $4.97!) were perfect.1

After a few minutes of figuring out the design and being careful of it to not to get in the way of the laces, I had my layout. I carefully glued the appliqués, using a small amount of glue to start.3 After everything was glued down, I went back and checked the delicate edges adding small dabs of glue when necessary to secure the fabric to the shoe. They dried quickly and are said to be completely set in 24 hours.4

5Recreating current designer trends is thrifty and easy when you use a little creativity and shop at your neighborhood Goodwill! My daughter already has plans to use my remaining appliqués on a sweater or sweatshirt. I have plenty of designs and glue to complete several more projects! While I don’t shop at the mall anymore, I certainly love the inspiration I get from looking in the windows!

Happy crafting!

Appliqués: $8.00 (from Amazon)
Glue: $5.00
Shoes: $4.97
Total: $17.97

From my closet to yours,



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