Gearing up for back-to-school

The summer is winding down, and that means one thing to moms everywhere, the kiddos are going back-to-school! I have found with three kids that buying clothes for the upcoming school year can cost a small fortune. I am constantly looking for new places to shop that won’t put a strain on my wallet. That’s why this year, I’m going to Goodwill.

At Goodwill, I can stock up on clothing for the school year without breaking the bank. This is especially important when you have kids who seem to be growing by the day! Everyone can pick out what they want, and by the end of the day I still have money left in my wallet! 

Plus, when you shop at all Goodwill Stores, you are helping to support the mission to support people with disabilities and other barriers to independence in achieving their fullest potentials as workers and as members of the broader community. A bargain and helping out a good cause is my idea of the perfect back-to-school store!

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