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Save time!People are always looking for ways to get more time. There never seems to be enough of it. For those of us who want more time while getting great fashion deals, these tips could be your new best fashion time savers.

#1 – Make sure you try on the clothes. Tags that are on the clothes may be slightly off because of previous wearing and shrinking. Also, designers can  vary their sizes, which could also throw it off. This will save you time if you try them on now instead of getting home and realizing that the clothes you just spent your valuable time shopping for are the wrong size. Pity.

#2 – Lets say you want to stand out a party. Get your dress from a thrift shop and you can all but guarantee that no one else will have your dress. It probably was not worn that much and, with how quickly fashions change, your mild throwback dress could make you the cat’s meow at your next shindig. 

#3 – Love a pair of jeans with a broken zipper or that shirt with a missing button? Go ahead and buy them, those are easy things to replace! Stay away from clothing with rips or stains. Those could take too much time to fix or not be fixable at all.

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