Dad Jeans….nice men of the world deserve better

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By stylist and blogger, Annette K.



We all know the look. They’re not really skinny-cut, boot-cut or straight-cut. They’re in-between. They’re thick and made from heavy, well-washed denim, usually originating from a sky-blue color. They sit a little (embarrassingly) high on the waist, and gently taper down the leg ending precisely at the tip of the shoe lace. They’re always worn with an all-purpose shiny belt, and once-in a while you’ll find them with a set of keys hanging from one of the loops.

Dad Jeans.

The all-American, all-purpose, wear-anywhere, wash-and-go comfy pant found in the dresser drawers of our beloved men.

Make no mistake. I happen to love the concept of dad-jeans. They represent solid values and priorities–families, kids, budgets, hard work. They represent that friendly guy you see in the early morning filling his car with gas. The nice guy who is all showered, shaven, hair slicked, fresh smelling, ready for his day and ready to lend a hand while making pleasant “good morning” conversation. They represent the guy who has better things to do than be concerned about making a fashion statement.

But nice guys deserve nice looks—with some pizzazz. And a visit to the local Goodwill store is just the place to get it. At Goodwill, men can try out new colors, cuts and styles and pay just a fraction of the cost of major retail stores.

With endless selections of jeans, coats, shirts and blazers, Goodwill offers great selections at thrifty prices that any budget-conscience “dad-jean-kind-of-guy” can appreciate.


Thanks to Travis Smith who manages the Goodwill store and donation center in Lemoyne, PA for modeling. His clothes came from the Goodwill store located in Palmyra, PA