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Dressing for the Holidays


Today we are talking holiday classics and I don’t mean the Bing Crosby Christmas album your grandmother loved.

‘Tis the season for parties, events, and holiday get-togethers! But you don’t have to break the bank for festive attire to be dazzling at your gathering.

Start with a classic LBD and you’ll never go wrong. From a company cocktail party to an elegant dinner out, a little back dress is the most versatile piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Wear it to work with a blazer and classic pumps and swap out your accessories at the end of the day to be party-ready.entire outfit

This version has the embellishment built in so you don’t have to worry about finding a statement necklace or earrings to accent it. The ruffled and beaded neckline makes a simple knit velour dress a comfortable and stylish choice.


A simple pair of gold hoops is always a classic choice and will not compete with the details on the dress. A graphic metallic clutch is trendy and can accommodate your necessities and a must-have bright holiday red lip gloss! The leopard flats are a comfortable alternative to stilettos. The low heel is perfect for dancing the night away or networking at your company party. The leopard is a neutral and will coordinate with many things already in your wardrobe after the holidays.

Kirsten in LBDThe last accessory you need is the most important – your smile. Spending time with family and friends to celebrate the holidays is a gift. Cherish it.


Outfit from Goodwill in Morgantown, PA, Total: $22.43
Dress – $5.50
Clutch – $4.97
Earrings – $4.99
Shoes – $6.97


About The Blogger
Kirsten is a 40-something mom, wife and marketing professional. She loves all things crafty, tasty and fashionable, especially while being frugal. She enjoys hunting for treasures at her local Goodwill stores to decorate her home and wardrobe. She is a stylist and volunteer for the fundraiser the Goodwill Runway Show, which is held every spring in Reading, PA.

This Winter Go for an Oversized, Thick Sweater!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 2.59.58 PM

This winter go for an oversized, thick sweater. Wear it with your favorite leggings and winter boots. I always want to look like I walked out of an L.L. Bean catalog…which was pretty easy when I found a L.L. Bean sweater at my local Goodwill store. Only $4.50! What a steal! A brand new L.L. sweater costs between $50 to $100.

When it’s snowing and cold, comfort is in and these rustic looks are becoming more popular this season! And here’s a tip – look for these comfortable items with earth tones like browns, tans, warm grays, and greens.

Peace & Progress, Alexandra K.

L.L. Bean Sweater at Goodwill : Only $4.50!

Stylish Layering for Winter


Vests are popular this winter, and a plaid shirt with an outdoor vest is a timeless, cozy pairing.

This southern inspired look keeps things casual and classy. This layered outdoor look is easy to throw on and just go – without feeling overdressed or underdressed.

And a vest is a perfect alternative when you don’t want to carry a coat.

Goodwill vest: $5.50

Peace & Progress, Alexandra K.

Make Your Style Work for You this Ugly Christmas Sweater Season!

It’s that time of year again! Break out your twinkling necklaces and sport those ugly Christmas sweaters. When you get that invite to an ugly Christmas sweater party, don’t be afraid to go all out! There are so many options these days. And the thing that I like best about ugly, festive sweaters, there is no judgment. For the most part, ugly is the new celebration. This year I wore an ugly Christmas sweater paired with some black jeans, high socks, and leather shoes. My friend Alexa wore a sweater as a dress, paired with sparkly tights and high heeled boots and thick socks. Make your style work for you this ugly Christmas sweater season.

Be sure to enter the Goodwill Keystone Area Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest for a chance to win a $100 Goodwill gift card! See full details and submit your entry, click here!


Heading to the Beach…

So, it’s the end of summer and I’m heading to the beach before I head back to college.

I stopped by Goodwill and I bought a few things that are perfect for the beach.

The first being a red crop top.

Red Crop top Adjusted

Crop tops and high-waisted shorts are very much in style right now…however…when it comes to high-waisted shorts be prepared to:

  1. Pay a pretty penny to buy the right ones for you.
  2. Spend a century trying to find the right pair. By the time you find high-waisted shorts that work of you, they will be out of style.

People ask me my opinion about high-waisted shorts. My thought is, for one reason or another, they aren’t for everyone. Some people can make them work, but for me, I’m not even gonna to go there. I’m going to stick with good ole’, traditional, cut-off jean shorts. I put the shorts together with a red crop top that I bought at Goodwill. A perfect outfit for the beach.

The second outfit I found was a casual, grey and white romper (it was brand new and the original tags were still on).

Romper adjusted

Rompers are easy because you just throw one on and you’re out the door. No fuss. It’s nice to be able to wear such a comfortable and relaxed style especially at the shore.

Outfits for Any Date

Here are a couple of pieces I found at Goodwill that I felt would be cute for different types of dates.

The first one (blue dress) is for a more summery, perhaps lunch date. It’s definitely a daytime dress – not something that you would want to sport at a night club.

bluedress1 Adjusted

On the other hand, the green dress is for this exact purpose, this dress is a little more daring. You could wear this dress on a date or you could wear this to a bachelorette party!

Alex green dress 2 Adjusted

Finally my third pick was this purple silk top which could be paired with quite a few things depending on your wardrobe. I chose to pair it with white pants. This outfit is for the more sophisticated date. Now I just need a date!

image001 adjusted

All the pieces were under $6!

Peace and Progress,

Alexandra K.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Floral Blazers

I’m often asked about whether floral is in or out, or if it’s even acceptable. It can be as long as you stick to one fashion rule – Keep it simple. Rather than talking about floral, let me show you.

I literally found these two blazers side by side at a Goodwill store.

Floral dontAdjusted2         

Floral do Adjusted

Here we have what might look like two very similar floral blazers to some people, but to others, like myself, I see two different things.

First, the pink blazer is decked out in everything from shoulder pads to lace and bead trim, and it’s completed with a cinched waist. Also not to mention the bright pink floral pattern! This blazer, in my opinion, is just over the top. It screams out of this decade. Now the second blazer, it’s simple. I could see Kate Middleton wearing this one. It isn’t loud or embroidered to death. It’s just pretty and elegant and does the job.

Floral do outfit 1Adjusted

So when you are deciding on a floral piece, keep in mind that simple is always the way to go. Your floral is the staple to your outfit, let it accentuate your clothes – not disguise them.

Peace and Progress,

Alexandra K.

Summer Dress Tip for the Office

Blazer 1Recently it was time for many of us to take off our 4th of July party hats and put on our work clothes and get back to the grind.

In my recent visit to Goodwill, I found a blazer that I felt was perfect for the upcoming work week. It’s getting hot and humid outside, but the air conditioning is cranking inside. When I came across this jacket, I thought it was the perfect solution for the office in the summer. I can pair it with a lot of different things and it was only a few dollars.

The trick with work outfits is not to over do it. Keep things simple, professional and classy. You’re at work to get the job done and it is important to make a good impression.

Peace and Progress,

Alexandra K.

Blazer 2

Don’t be a Fashion Firework this July 4th

Alexandra 4th of July


This 4th of July it’s time to bring out your cutest red, white and blue! While perusing through my local Goodwill, I found this striped red and white top from Banana Republic (only $3.50). Perfect for a 4th of July party. Dress up your outfit with some beads, a fun hat, or scarf! Just don’t come looking like a firework!

Peace & Progress,

Alexandra K.

Accessories courtesy of Party City and Kohls.

Tips from Our Goodwill Re-Design Contest Winner Kirsten Irwin

Introducing 2014 Goodwill Re-Design Contest Winner of the Accessories Category, Kirsten Irwin


How did you get started in re-designing clothing and why do you shop at Goodwill?

I really needed a creative project to get me through the long winter! I had noticed the signs for the Re-Design Contest at Goodwill and read the article in the newspaper, and I thought I would try it this year. I’ve been interested in art my whole life and thought this would be a fun way to try something different – sewing!

I love shopping at Goodwill because there is such a wide variety of styles available for bargain prices. I’m constantly amazed at the quality of the items. I know the money from these purchases provides jobs and training for people with special needs. My stepsons both have special needs and my one son worked for Goodwill last year.


What Goodwill locations do you shop at and what items do you typically look for when considering a re-design piece?

I usually shop at the Shillington store because it is so convenient, but I will check out the other Goodwill stores in Berks County sometimes. I try to find fun fabrics, interesting colors, or unusual details in the items for re-designs.


How do you create your re-designs?

The tote bag is my first re-design piece.


I used an upside-down, perforated-leather skirt for the outside of the bag. The lining is made from 4 orange, striped placemats and a man’s plaid suit coat.


The stripes in the plaid include orange and brown that tied the colors together and added some pattern to the mix. I kept the pocket of the jacket and used it for the inner pocket of the bag.


I found a great, wide belt with grommets that became the handle for the bag.


I hope to buy a sewing machine and start practicing with that for next year’s entries!


What was your experience like at the Goodwill Runway Show?

I had a wonderful time! Everything was executed very well and I think the show was incredibly enjoyable for participants and audience members alike. It was great meeting all the finalists in the Re-Design contest. My friends and I really had a fun evening; I can’t wait until next year!


What advice do you have for aspiring re-design artists? 

Enjoy the creative process and take some chances! Have a good time making something unexpected!

See all of the 2014 Goodwill Re-Design Winners on our Facebook Page, click here.