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Homecoming and Goodwill—Fit for a Queen!

By stylist and blog writer Annette K.

It’s homecoming season, a time when adults reconnect with old friends and share collective memories and when kids connect and begin creating their own.
Whether you’re a woman going to a high school or college reunion or a girl primping for the homecoming dance, Goodwill Keystone Area stores have everything you need to look and feel like a Queen.

Ladies – When deciding what to wear for your outdoor reunion, leave the lined windbreaker and mittens behind. Instead, create an image of sophistication by layering with blazers, scarves and sweater dresses. Paired with leather riding boots or booties your classic style will leave a lasting impression.

Girls – When choosing your dress for the homecoming dance, remember to consider fit first, then accessorize. Your dress should be a reflection of who you are and should move with you instead of vice versa. Accessorize with statement pieces like chunky bracelets, silver shoes, or a brilliant signature necklace to add that exclamation point to your look.

Whether dressing for a dance or a reunion, visit your Goodwill store where racks of endless possibilities await. Homecoming offers the girl a chance to look older, and the woman a chance to look younger. What Queen could pass that up?



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Thanks to the staff at the Bethlehem Goodwill Store and to models Jodi and Jillian McSwegan.

When in Doubt: Zombie Out

Zombies are in right now, esp. with the return or the AMC series Walking Dead and numerous zombie genre movies still popular, but especially as a popular costume choice for Halloween parties.

Goodwill Keystone Area’s stores have inexpensive, quality clothing and decorations for Halloween that can help bring out the zombie in you.

Goodwill merchandise provides good value for the quality of the clothing, but you can feel better about distressing a pair of our inexpensive jeans rather than your favorite going-out pair.  A few rips and frays, some dirt, zombie goo (ketchup, mustard, honey?) and of course a mask or face paint will round out the look.

Don’t forget to accessorize your zombie costumes with such things as scarves, belts and shoes, all of which Goodwill stores have in ample supply.  Adding a dead bouquet of flowers for the beautiful zombie bride or a dead corsage for the zombie groom could complete the look.

This window display in the Goodwill store at 121 Rohrerstown Road in Lancaster features a wedding gown and long black cape.

Imagine what an entrance you could make at a party if you arrived with your date and an entourage or zombified friends, all bursting into the party at once!  Just don’t make the hostess drop the macaroni and cheese she’s serving.

The only limitation is your imagination.  By shopping at Goodwill, you’ll be able to afford your costume and have some money left over to bring something for the party hosts.

Halloween Costumes are No Problem at Goodwill

Choosing a Halloween costume can be difficult, especially if a last-minute invitation pops up for you or your trick or treater. Sometimes it just takes a little shopping to be inspired. Goodwill makes it easy.

One of the many costume ideas at Goodwill.

If you don’t want to pay retail prices for a costume you’ll wear just once, look to a Goodwill store for some inexpensive costume ideas this week. Bring your children after school or come browse over the lunch hour.

Prepackaged and Create Your Own Costumes

Some of our Goodwill stores carry a limited number of pre-packaged costumes. The week before Halloween, the Goodwill Store at 627 N. Cameron St., Harrisburg, carried prepackaged costumes including an evil paparazzi and a hunchback outfit.

include an evil paparazzi and a hunchback outfit.

Or you can create your own costume. Whether you are looking for a missing piece to your costume puzzle or an entire outfit, your neighborhood Goodwill store just might have it, so come in and browse and be inspired. 

These adorable pink shoes (size 1 ½) from the well-stocked shoe department would complete your young lady’s princess outfit.


When planning to shop, consider bringing in lightly used clothes you no longer wear or costumes from previous years. Those Halloween costumes can still be put on the rack for purchase. Donors will of course receive a receipt for  a tax write off for their donation.