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Prevent ID theft. Shred with Goodwill.

Most likely you have thrown out one item in the past week that a thief could use to steal your identity. It could have been a pre-approved credit application or an old bank statement. With the high volume of junk mail, most people do not securely discard it.

How should you properly discard papers with sensitive information? Some people rip up that paper into little pieces, and others take a chance and just throw it in the trash or recycle bin.

The only way to protect yourself is to shred your paper. But who do you trust with your sensitive documents? When looking for a shred company, it is important to look at their accreditation. Goodwill Shredding Service is certified by the National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) and by the Secure Document Alliance. All confidential materials are shredded at their secure facility in Harrisburg, PA.

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Goodwill Shredding Service shreds for individuals and businesses. Individuals can go to any participating Goodwill store & donation center, and place their sensitive documents in the locked console. It’s only $6 per bag and box. Goodwill Shredding Service picks up the materials and takes them back to their secure facility where they are shredded. For a list of participating stores, go to

If you have any questions, contact Goodwill Shredding Service at 717.525.6202 or visit

Go Green. Recycle Your Old Computer at Goodwill.

Go Green. Recycle Your Old Computer at Goodwill.

New Recycling Act in Effect Jan. 24

As of January 24, 2013, Pennsylvania will be requiring all computers and televisions to be recycled under the Covered Device Recycling Act. These items will no longer be picked up curbside with regular trash. Many waste haulers are already instituting the policy to start the year.

Goodwill Does Not Accept Donated TVs

Since March  2012, Goodwill Keystone Area has no longer accepts donated TVs. We do recycle any brand of laptops and desktop computers, monitors, printers, mice, cords and other computer accessories, whether they are in operating condition or not. We also accept donated consumer electronics that are in working condition. If you donate a computer, be sure to transfer or erase any personal information you may need from the hard drive.

We Do Accept Computers! Goodwill’s Dell Reconnect Program. imagesCALRY2F1

Go green by donating a computer or computer accessory to Goodwill, enabling it to be recycled properly. Goodwill recycles computers through a program called Dell Reconnect. This ensures that no computers take up valuable landfill space and that heavy metals are disposed of properly so they don’t contaminate the environment, damage soil or pollute watersheds.

If you are donating a computer monitor, laptop or scanner and the glass is damaged, please place it in a plastic-lined cardboard box when dropping it off. For information on the computer components and peripherals accepted, check here: Donors can assign a value to the computers they donate for tax write-off purposes.

Dispose of TVs at County Recycling Centers

To properly dispose of and recycle televisions or nonworking electronics, we recommend you contact your county recycling center. For addresses, go here: