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I Love Spring Cleaning!

Spring CleaningAs the snow melts and the kids are antsy to get outside and run around, I realize that is time for my favorite clean-up of the season. Spring cleaning is almost here!! All that clutter from the winter has got to go. But some might ask, “where do I start?”

The best idea is to tackle the most chaotic areas first. This will help make some room for stuff that is worth saving. Make sure you have different bins set up. Have one for trash and one for donations. This accomplishes your first step.

Make sure you get rid of these bins as soon as they are filled. I remember one time I did the first step and forgot to get rid of it. Whew, I had clutter cluttered with clutter. Say that 5 times fast.

Bring the stuff to donate, like unwanted kitchen items, clothes, or coats from past seasons to your local Goodwill to get your tax deductible receipt. Make this spring cleaning worth your time. While there, make sure you check out their deals for the spring. The bargains thrift stores have in the spring is the best with all the newly donated stuff that comes in. Remember a great bargain is just around the corner!

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The Bon-Ton Goodwill Sale

I’m getting ready for The Bon-Ton Goodwill Sale! Are you? I’ve done some spring cleaning and I’m donating the clothing my kids’ have outgrown.

From March 10 – 24, drop off clean, gently-used clothing and household materials at participating  Bon-Ton stores or at participating Goodwill donation centers to save on purchases!

You will receive a coupon for every item donated worth 20 percent off on apparel, shoes and accessories merchandise and 15 percent off on cosmetics, fragrances and home store merchandise. Certain items, including electronics and toys, qualify for a 10 percent discount.

And don’t forget, if you take your donations on the first day of the sale only, March 10, you’ll receive two coupons for each item you donate!

For more information, visit

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Green is the new chic

Woman Being a Green Goodwill ShopperA great way to reduce your carbon footprint is going green with your shopping habits. Instead of always buying new merchandise, try shopping at your local thrift store. I’ve found name-brand sweaters, suits, dresses and pants from Goodwill, all with the tags on. You can, too!

Check out this article by Karla Zens from The Huffington Post. She goes in depth about how green shopping not only benefits the environment, but you too! Be green, be chic.

Release your inner creativity

Who doesn’t want to save money? It is crucial to be able save in today’s economy. One thing that everyone would love to be able to save money on is furniture. Thrift stores like your local Goodwill are unknown goldmines for great furniture. From end tables to coffee tables, couches to rockers, great bargains can be found everywhere. 

Sometimes you have to check back a couple of times. Ask your friends to keep their eyes open if they see a great piece of furniture. Patience is a virtue with furniture shopping at a thrift store. It is well worth it, however. 

Here’s where it gets really fun for those who want to release their inner creativity. Let’s say you find a piece of furniture but it looks a little bland or worn, what do you do? Decorate it. Paint it. Put some design into. Have a blast putting your own spin into you new, creative furniture. Become a feng shui master in your home. Bargain furniture is waiting for you. All you have to do is look. Remember, a great bargain is just around the corner. 

Dresser Makeover from Design Sponge

Dresser Makeover from Design Sponge

Are you a Goodwill Newbie?

Goodwill ShopperIf you’re a Goodwill newbie, have no fear! I’ve found some information that helps break down a successful thrift store trip and make it fun! Take a look at this great wikiHow, How to Shop at Thrift Stores.

Some shoppers new to the thrift store world are overwhelmed with all the merchandise available, and most of it one-of-a-kind. They wander in and back out without finding anything or they buy too much because of the great bargains. This wikiHow helps you plan your trip so that you come home with what you need.

There’s also a step-by-step video which was short, but helpful. I couldn’t believe the statistic at the end… a man bought a piece of art for $5 and was then offered 9 million dollars for it!! It just goes to show, you never know what treasure you’ll find at Goodwill and other thrift stores.

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Cool tips to raise a thrift-store-loving kid

Goodwill ShoppersCheck out this great article that gives tips on how to raise your child (or niece and nephew) to love bargain shopping as much as you do!

My kids love going through the racks at Goodwill, making their own combinations of shirts and bottoms. The writer’s idea of taking different pieces of jewelery, some even broken, and turning them into your own work of art is a fabulous idea. What a great way to recycle and be creative with your kids!