A Softer Side of Tattoos


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By stylist and blogger, Annette K.


softer-tattoos1 Sarah Evans received a tattoo for her 18th birthday as a gift from her mother. She chose a skull with tiger lilies and had it placed behind her left shoulder.

Today, Sarah is a tattoo artist at Sacred Art in Pen Argyl, PA and wears her personality and passion on her sleeve. With a half tattoo sleeve on one arm and a full sleeve on the other, Sarah’s original skull and tiger lilies continue to grow.

However, un-like the old “guns-and-roses, tough guy” image of the past, Sarah represents a new trend in tattooing. Using your sleeve-art to create harmony with personal style.

The result? A softer, more balanced and feminine look.

softer-tattoos2 Most of Sarah’s wardrobe comes from the Goodwill Store in Bethlehem, PA where she and her mom are “regulars”.

“I come here all the time-I can always find something new and different,” said Sarah. “It’s funny because I don’t know what I like more…hunting for cool pieces or the actual piece itself.”

Visit your local Goodwill Thrift Store to create harmony and discover the softer side of tattoos. Endless styles, colors and fabrics await.

Follow these three tips to create your harmony….

  1. Choose colors that complement your tattoo. Wear the color right next to your tattoo.
  2. Choose designs the same scale as the tattoo. If your tattoo is intricate, choose intricate prints. If your tattoo is bold, choose bold prints.
  3. Create balance. Wear print designs opposite your tattoo and solid colors next to your tattoo.

All clothing is from the racks of the Goodwill Store in Bethlehem, PA.