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$5 Date Night Challenge


The last look in this $5 challenge is a “Date Night” look. Finding formalwear at the Goodwill Outlets is a little more challenging, but not impossible. I wanted something fun and different than the dressy blouse, jeans and heels which would is a typical night out look for me.

This little gold, pleated, Grecian-style dress by Express was an easy find. Datenight The pale gold, knit fabric is flattering without being too clingy. The one-shouldered look was unique and reminiscent of styles seen at award shows earlier this year.

To add some punch, I decided to go bold on the accessories. As I dug around the bins for shoes, I found a single gold, purple and black peep-toe heeled shoe. The outlets are a challenge sometimes as shoes do get separated from their mates. I held on to that shoe as I wandered around the bins. And out of nowhere, a fellow shopper walks up to me and offers up the missing mate. I felt like Cinderella at the ball!DSC_5106

A little more searching revealed the vintage gold and black purse and bold gold belt. I added my own purple, jeweled bib necklace and bangles to tie this look together. At a little over $5, I am completely happy with my “Date Night” look. DSC_5096 %281%29What kind of outfits can you pull together for $5?

Happy thrifting!

Goodwill Outlet in Reading:
Dress: $0.86
Shoes: $2.25
Purse: $1.22
Belt: $1.22

Total: $ 5.55



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