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Rewards Frequently Asked Questions

Rewards Program – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Goodwill Rewards? Goodwill Keystone Area’s Rewards Program is our way of saying “Thanks for shopping with us!”

  2. Does the Rewards Card work for all Goodwill locations? Goodwill Keystone Area administers Goodwill stores in central and southeastern Pennsylvania. To find a participating Goodwill Keystone Area store, click here. To learn about potential Rewards card opportunities for Goodwill stores in areas outside Goodwill Keystone Area, please search and identify the local Goodwill organization administering stores near you and reach out to them directly.

  3. Why am I not receiving emails even though I provided my email address? If you have provided your email address and are not receiving emails from Goodwill Keystone Area, please check your spam or promotions folder AND ask your sales associate to verify the email address we have on file for you. NOTE: If you are using Gmail, look under the promotions tab. If you find an email from Goodwill Keystone Area in your Gmail promotions tab, click on it and drag it to your inbox to ensure that future emails make it to your inbox. You can also add to your contacts list within your email program.

  4. Does the Rewards Card cost me anything? It’s free! The Rewards Program and card(s) is our way of thanking you for shopping with us and supporting our mission to advance sustainability so that individuals and families can thrive and flourish.

  5. How does it work? Sign-up at the register when shopping in a Goodwill Keystone Area store. Our sales associate will be happy to issue you a Rewards card. Our associates will scan your Rewards card every time you make a purchase at a Goodwill Keystone Area store. Rewards discounts will be applied to sales merchandise. Goodwill Rewards cards are only available at stores managed by Goodwill Keystone Area.

  6. Why do you need to scan my driver’s license? Scanning your license fills in the name and address fields only for the Rewards Program. It makes the sign-up process quicker and more accurate. If you do not have a driver’s license or if you choose not to use it, our sales associates can enter your contact information.

  7. Why do you ask for my phone number and email? We may need to contact you if your card is returned to us or if there is a question about your Rewards account.

  8. Can I sign-up for Goodwill Rewards without an email address? Yes, you can sign up for a Goodwill Rewards card without an email address and still use your card. However, giving us your email address will allow you to receive special offers and promotions.

  9. How will you use my contact information? We will use your contact information for the purpose of updating you on the Rewards Program or notifying you of upcoming promotions or Goodwill news. We will not share your information with any other organization or individual.

  10. Will my personal information be sold? Absolutely not! The information provided for the Goodwill Rewards Program will never be disclosed to a third party.

  11. Can I use my card on sale or discounted items? You must be a Goodwill Rewards customer to be eligible for discounts on selected merchandise.

  12. How old do I need to be to receive a Goodwill Rewards Card? You must be 16 years of age or older to apply for a Rewards card.

  13. Can my family members use my card? What if they want their own card? We ask that each person in your family have their own Goodwill Rewards card.

  14. What if I lose or damage my card? To replace your card simply go to any Goodwill Keystone Area store and a sales associate will immediately provide you with a new, activated card.

  15. What happens if I forget my card? It is important to use your Goodwill Rewards card every time you shop at Goodwill. If you don't have your card with you, a sales associate can look up your account by your telephone number before beginning your transaction.

  16. Will my Goodwill Rewards Card be accepted for online purchases on No, Goodwill Reward cards can only be used at store locations throughout the Goodwill Keystone Area.

  17. Will my Goodwill Rewards Card be accepted at the Outlet Center? The Rewards card is only accepted at our regular Goodwill stores, not our outlet centers.

  18. How do I change my Rewards Card contact information (i.e. name, address, phone, email, etc.)? You can change your account information by visiting any of the Goodwill Keystone Area stores and a sales associate can change your account information.

  19. Is this a limited time promotion? This is not a temporary promotion. This is a program that Goodwill Keystone Area is committed to providing for our customers. The program and discounts may change from time to time.

  20. Will I earn or use points when shopping at a Goodwill Keystone Area store? No, the Goodwill Keystone Area Rewards Program is not currently a points program.

  21. Can I use my Goodwill Rewards Card at stores outside the Goodwill Keystone Area territory? No, the Goodwill Keystone Area Rewards card is only valid in the Goodwill Keystone Area territory.

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