Goodwill Releases 2017-2018 Year in Review Video

HARRISBURG, Pa. (February 19, 2019) – Goodwill Keystone Area today released its Year in Review video that captures how the organization’s unique cycle of services is benefitting people and communities throughout its 22-county coverage area. 

Goodwill Keystone Area relies on proceeds from the sale of donated items to help fund its job-training and support programs. In fiscal year 2017-18, the organization received items from nearly 970,000 donors and had more than 3 million shoppers come through its store doors. In addition, more than 70,000 items were sold online on its auction website,

Those items not sold online or in its retail stores are sold in bulk at Goodwill Outlet Centers. Any remaining items not sold are recycled, and in 2017-18 Goodwill Keystone Area recycled more than 17 million pounds of donated items. 

The revenue from the sales and recycling of donations supports job training and other services to help people with disabilities and disadvantages achieve independence through the power of work. In 2017-18, 928 people received paid job training, and 5,055 people received services through Goodwill’s various mission programs.

The video includes appearances from a community business partner and a graduate from Goodwill’s Talent Academy job-training program.

“As a business, our goal was always to open our doors and welcome persons of all different ability levels,” the community business partner said. “And we have so many opportunities here for anyone who’s willing to work. The six-week training program enables them to understand the basics of being in the workforce, and [the importance of] communication, networking, things like that.”

“Before I came into the Talent Academy, I was working at a daycare center,” the Talent Academy graduate said. “I emailed Kelly and when I got in touch with her she was like, nope, we accept everyone, even if you have a disability you can still work here. The support they give us has definitely impacted me for the better because I’m actually making money and knowing how to be productive in life.”

Watch Goodwill Keystone Area's Year in Review Video


About Goodwill Keystone Area

Goodwill Keystone Area serves 22 counties in central and southeastern Pennsylvania. Proceeds from Goodwill stores fund job-training and employment programs to help people with disabilities and other barriers to independence earn a paycheck and reach their fullest potential as workers and members of the broader community.