2018 Brings a New Season of Opportunity to Homefields Farm

HomefieldsWith the continued leadership of the Board and Farm Manager, Homefields will continue to operate the nonprofit CSA as Homefields.

Through nearly 20 years of collaboration between Goodwill and Homefields, hundreds of adults with disabilities have benefitted from the farmer trainee program.  Homefields has developed a solid growth plan for the new year aiming to increase volunteer support, community sponsors and farm shareholders. The farm will focus on strengthening connections to local food banks and bringing fallow land into cultivation with earmarked acreage for new projects.

If you know someone with a disability, a Veteran or others facing barriers to employment, visit the Homefields website to help them connect with employment opportunities.

Please direct all questions via email to info@homefields.org and connect with Homefields Incorporated on Facebook for further updates regarding Homefields Farm: https://www.facebook.com/www.homefields.org/