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Brody’s Thriving Thanks to Goodwill

Brody from GoodwillBrody's employment journey has been a testament to his determination and the invaluable support of Goodwill. His path began with a job interview at Giant Foods. Accompanied by a Goodwill employment specialist, he received an offer and was assigned to cart duty – a position he was hoping to avoid.

A primary concern that Brody and his parents had about working with carts was safety in the parking lot. Early on, Brody's near-miss with a vehicle prompted his employment specialist to work with him on his non-verbal communication skills and situational awareness.

He learned the importance of consistently making eye contact to help foster a mutual understanding between himself and drivers. This significantly boosted Brody’s confidence and, as time passed, he eventually increased his efficiency from pushing two to three carts to handling up to six at once.

As the weather shifted to colder days, Brody's job satisfaction dwindled. This led Brody and his parents to contemplate quitting. Brody's father contacted HR and, after discussing the situation, was pleasantly surprised that Giant wanted to offer Brody a position in the produce department.

Brody has successfully completed his initial 40 hours of training and formed positive working relationships with his managers and co-workers. He is doing a great job engaging with customers, working independently and – with the help of his employment specialist – prioritizing his tasks.

Brody and his parents are grateful for Goodwill's support and the positive impact it has had on his life.