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Tasha Buoyed by Goodwill’s Support

Tasha's journey to succeed on her own has not been an easy one. For years she struggled with unemployment and depression, which led her to have thoughts of suicide. However, Tasha found a glimmer of hope thanks to Goodwill.

After completing three work assessments in the community, she experienced a back injury during her final assessment. Upon her return, she secured a job with Home Depot but had to decline for not having proper I-9 identification. With the help of her employment specialist, Karena, Tasha eventually landed a part-time busser position at Mad Mex in Willow Grove (Montgomery County).

During her time there, Tasha grew tremendously in her attitudes and abilities. She credits these words from Karena that helped her during difficult times: “Because you taught me to walk slowly, quietly and with purpose, I am doing great and love my job AND my coworkers.”

Unfortunately, the restaurant suddenly closed right before her one-year anniversary. This was devastating to Tasha, yet she is maintaining a positive attitude about her future as she now has her own apartment and graduated from Starting Point – a resource center for those seeking support for mental wellness, personal growth and recovery.

Tasha is working with Karena again to find employment and is grateful to Goodwill for inspiring her to be resilient and determined. “Goodwill helped me get a job and be successful during my time at Mad Mex. Karena has taught me the importance of working hard and staying positive, and she continues to lift me up along my journey.”

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