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To support persons with disabilities and other barriers to independence in achieving their fullest potential as workers and as members of the broader community.

Goodwill helps persons with disabilities as well as people who are at an economic disadvantage, or may lack education or work experience.

Building Relationships with Employers Helps Goodwill Clients Reach Their Goals

An integral part of helping Goodwill Keystone Area clients achieve success is the formation of relationships with local employers. Employment specialists and other Mission staff make it a priority to foster continuing relations with businesses who may be interested in working with GKA clients or who have found benefit in hiring clients in the past. One such employer is the Walmart Supercenter in Elizabethville, and two GKA clients who have been successful there are Abdul and Blair.

Abdul started in the self-checkout area, but quickly moved on to cashier. During the busy holiday shopping season, he was ranked first in accuracy of all the cashiers. Quite the go-getter, Abdul also works at the nearby Dunkin Donuts as an overnight baker and has achieved his goal of saving enough money to buy a car; now, he no longer has to walk along busy Route 209 in all types of weather to get to work. His co-worker said, “We love him. We all like him. If he can help you, he will.”


Blair applied to and was hired by Walmart himself, without the help of his employment specialist. At first, he was unsure if he could handle the duties and if the position would be a good fit. Now, he has mastered his job and trains new employees in the self-checkout area with glowing reviews from his supervisor. In addition to the regular paycheck, Blair is thankful for the boost in confidence that successful employment has brought him.

Be sure to say hello to Abdul and Blair the next time you find yourself at the Walmart in Elizabethville!

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