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Mission Success Story: Neil Rises to the Challenge

Neil Mission Success Story

Shoppers in the express checkout lane at the GIANT Food Store in Quakertown have had the pleasure of being assisted by store associate and Goodwill job coaching client, Neil.

GIANT customers may recognize Neil from his previous position at the Coopersburg location from 2005 to 2018, where he gathered shopping carts in the parking lot and returned them to the store. Neil was hoping to try cashiering and other duties while there, but never got the chance.

After moving with his family, Neil began working as a bagger at the Quakertown GIANT near his home. He proved himself a conscientious employee and was given other tasks, such as sweeping, collecting shopping baskets, and stocking the restrooms, and was soon able to learn cashier duties like he had wanted. Now, after a year, Neil has mastered the cash register and has greatly improved his math skills.

Neil has found much success at work. Assistant Manager Allison described him using such words as “reliable”, “amazing”, and “phenomenal”. Co-worker Susan mentioned that he is “our go-to guy” when things need to be done. Neil was even named Associate of the Month in his first year of employment!

Through his job at GIANT and working with Goodwill, Neil has increased confidence in himself and is proud of his accomplishments. He has become so self-sufficient that his Employment Specialist only needs to check in with him once a month. Neil’s next goal is to find an apartment so he can live on his own.

The next time you are in Quakertown and purchasing 25 items or less at GIANT, be sure to give a warm greeting to Neil!

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