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To support persons with disabilities and other barriers to independence in achieving their fullest potential as workers and as members of the broader community.

Goodwill helps persons with disabilities as well as people who are at an economic disadvantage, or may lack education or work experience.

Robert - Learning Valuable Life Skills at Goodwill

Robert Success StoryGreeting and assisting donors is one of Robert’s favorite things to do at Goodwill’s new store and donation center in Montgomeryville (Montgomery County). Robert came to Goodwill in 2014 with a desire to learn a variety of job skills. 

Goodwill Employment Specialist Linda Bricker said, “I began working with him at our location in Warminster. He was very shy at first but he was a hard worker. As he started to work at the donation center door, Robert gained confidence. Robert is sort of the strong, silent type which can mask how hard he works.” 

When Goodwill was preparing to open a new store, donation center, and mission services office in Montgomeryville, Robert transferred in June to help get the donation center up and running. Robert’s supervisor Steve Maxein said, “Robert is one of our best workers. I can count on him to do his job well in every aspect. He is dependable and responsible and a pleasure to have on our crew.” 

Linda added, “He continues to develop multitasking skills and managing donations as they come through the door.” Linda meets with Robert once a month, but she noted, “The new Montgomeryville facility has mission services offices, so if he needs anything, I’m right here.”



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